Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday Blues

  Birthday, the day, some years back, which is responsible for ones very presence. Yes its absolutely one of the happiest days in ones life. What would you do typically on your birthday? Go to a temple in the morning, finish your wish-list of gifts and things you would like to do/achieve by your next birthday, most importantly spend a lot of time with your family and friends throughout the evening, and then the rest of the night unfolding all the awesome gifts and wishes you would have received. This is what you would typically do, of-course surprises and exceptions will always be there.
   But things are a "little" different when you are in a place like IIT Madras.You better do the following.
  • First change or remove your birthday date from your fb account, and hope no one among your college "friends" (you better recognize them as friends or else...) remembers your b-day.
  • Keep a good look at your friends throughout the previous day, any suspicious movements/ any unreasonable or sudden visits to ccd by your friends, find a hideout immediately, and get underground before 10 pm the previous day of your b-day.
  • Do not attend to any unknown numbers or numbers of your potential bump givers after 10 the previous night..
  • If you happen to miss any of these precautions, better get prepared with lots of ice and pain killers, cause you are gonna, well experience it yourself... :P
  It must be feeling like "why, why was I born at all". All those filmy dialogues "Dhikkar hai mere janam hone pe", "dost dost naa raha", "kutte kaminey.....", "#@%*&$#", "Aasman se gire, khajoor pe aatke"...would be on your mind. Let me tell you, typically what happens. You would be in utter pain searching for a soft place to sit, if you happen to show up your face at home with all those sticky chunks of the so called your b-day cake (which was used less to eat and more swahad on you), your mom would reply from the door "Its my son's birthday, but definitely not Haloween!!!!". 
Good thing is that I have never experienced it yet, thanks to the timing of my b-day. i still continue to celebrate my b-day the first way (but) minus friends.Yes it does feel a little bad that way, but life is a great mixture of happiness and not so good feelings, accept everything whatever comes positively and be optimistic. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Dream World...

My dream world, a world full of Tweeties and Jerries,
                                        a world full of chocolates and cakes,
                             a world full of fluffy toys and vuvuzelas, 
                                        a world full of love and affection.
My dream world, a world full of imagination and creativity, 
                                        a world full of new friends and great teachers,
                             a world full of superheroes and toy cars, 
                                        a world full of love and affection.
My dream world, a world full of choices and no forced home-works, 
                                        a world full of  role models and continued friendships,
                             a world full of virtual reality and real Virtuality,
                                        a world full of love and affection.
My dream world, a world without any boundaries and limitations,
                                        a world full of life and passion,
                              a world full of pizzas and puddings,
                                        a world full of love and affection.
My dream world, a world that works for humanity and not for money,
                                        a world full of humble bosses and smart colleagues,
                              a world full of tech savvy gadgets and cool cars,
                                        a world full of love and affection.
My dream world, a world with a loving and caring life partner,
                                        who would live for me and I would live for her,
                              a world with small and wonderful kids,
                                        a world full of love and affection.
My dream world, a world full of spirituality and truthfulness,
                                        a world with no violence and wars,
                              a world with family and friends,
                                        a world full of love and affection.

      These are my dreams. Now go back and read them again, but this time, see the first stanza from the perspective of a baby, the second from that of a small kid new to school, the third from that of a high school kid, the fourth from that of a college student, the fifth from that of a man, the sixth from that of a married man, and the seventh from that of a senior citizen.....