Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mr Onion

    The new celebrity in making, the new news-maker, the new heartthrob errrr, heart throb, presenting to you Mr Onion....
    Overnight fame to Mr Onion, for taking away the "raat ki neend" and the "din ka chain" of aam aadmi sounds like a great bollywood movie plot...but its true. But seems like the aam aadmi has taken it quite sportively. Seeing some of the most innovative ways of protest on television today, inspired me to share this. 
    The current price rise of onions, due to crop failure (well atleast thats what the Govt. says..) in one region of India, has taken away the quintessential "pyaj-da-tadka" from the aam-aadmi's life.  But the most interesting part is the way people are protesting. The opposition(NDA) comes all guns blazing against the ever calm PM. Even the aam aadmi also got little creative  to get the attention of the government. Some of the most hilarious of them being:
  • "Robin Uthappa changes his name to Onion Uthappa, and becomes the highest paid player in IPL"(source: Retweeted by Barkha Dutt.)
  • Indore: In a market, the aam aadmi came up with a really creative plan, they gave loans for 5 kg of onion, which could be re-payed in Installments. Very practical solution to the problem...:P (source:Live India)
  • Jalandhar: A garage owner came up with a plan to sell his ever growing tire stocks. He gave away a kilo of Onion free with two car radial tires. Howzzat for a business plan.(source: Live India)
  • Onion prices have such powers that not even Petroleum, or sugar or any other commodity has. According to a report by Star News, Onion prices have the power to bring down governments, including the very surprising one of that of Sushma Swaraj's government bringing Shiela Dixit to power in Delhi. (source: Star News).
  • Jaspal Bhatti comes on roads with his Christmas Carol for Onion....
  • If Graham Onions is in IPL auctions, he should choose his reserve price per kilo.:Gaurav Kapur  
     Now it remains to be seen, the steps taken by the government, ban on exports, subsidy on imports, little crackdown on hoarders, how effective they are going to be. But this is for sure that the common man is gonna bleed for the time being. Hope the new year brings a little more happiness to the common man....

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