Friday, August 27, 2010

My first project at IITM

  At least half  the class was sleeping when a not very welcoming announcement was made (for those who listened of course) in the ID 1100 class in my first semester at IITM. The announcement was about making a project in groups of 4 for 20! marks in the course. So we had to take it seriously. 4 of us (me, Dinesh, Siddharth, Vaibhav) got together. Since majority was from elec, we decided to chose a elec topic with "spirited hopes" of getting more familiarized to elec (which later took a huge beating). We decided to make a (wireful) wireless lamp.
   We got some fundaes from a senior and then Dino and Sid started their equationful of analysis, me and bow being just spectators. They proposed theories which went over my head and never came back. "Finally" we came up with  a design that was based on induction. One good thing was that we had started our project much before schedule (hope we had done the same in 2nd project as well). Then there was the requirement of materials. For this we went to Ritchie street to buy stuffs (but had more fun). Finally we bought all the required stuff including 5m of copper wire all of which was used ! (don't ask me how it became a wireless lamp). Then we started the actual work and and after some glitches here and there it worked in the second attempt itself. It was really good to see one LED glowing! on principles of induction. Then we went on adding LED's and finally got settled with 8 of them. It had two solenoids in it, inducing voltage given a voltage to the other solenoid. We had the polarity of the LED's such that they flicker in perfect synchronization when a sine wave was given as input. Then there came in my antiques and I proposed to make it more aesthetic with an IITM symbol on top of it. We almost put a night out before the day of submission just to improve its aesthetics. And next day to our relieve it worked.

  The project will always be in my memories for the time so leisurely spent by me with my friends, that has all its worth. We had loads of fun doing it, poking each other, dancing in my room with all lights off (Bow's idea) and finally the project working, it was a great experience.

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