Friday, September 23, 2011

The "FUN" "ELEC" Trip

I know! Non Elecites, your first reaction would be, that is nothing but an oxymoron, two contradictory words put together. Long touted to be the most muggu dept. of 2009 batch, the most "RG"ing dept. of 2009 batch and don't know what all adjectives, we proved you absolutely wrong, when we pulled off that awesome trip to Mahabalipuram on 18.09.2011. I do not know what exactly it was, the pain of listening to "com'on people! ultimately whatever you do, you are screwed" or may be the forceful feed of "feel" of things that most of us don't really want to feel, or just wanted to live life with the insane amounts of cash people have got/going to get from interns, or may be just the Zindegi Na Milegi Dobara effect, people thought, we have done enough for the past four years, we really need a break, one spark on facebook, turned into a fire within a week, then partially dozed off and then caught up again just two days before the trip.

 I am sure most of us would not have made it to class if it was on a lovely drizzling Sunday morning, but we all made it to the bus on time, fully prepared for an exciting/adventurous/fun-filled trip ahead of us.Unable to decide what to do in the bus, we shifted from listening to music (starting off with KANK, what an irony!!) to playing dumb charades with movies. The trip was about loads of fun, games, soaking in water, sun and getting dirty alright, but it was also about getting to know each other better. Everyone revealed a side of their personality, unknown to others. And in dumb charades, it was Sidhharth Reddy Maryada (a.k.a Telengana), who revealed his awesome, highly encoded and absolutely undecipherable code language, when he rolled his hands, and we were supposed to understand it as "and". I told you it was highly encoded. We probably had 13 to 14 rounds of it, when we reached Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram), famous for its beaches and beaches alone. Did anyone say for historical monuments and world heritage sites??!!!

  Reaching there, we straight away headed to the beach, walking past the Shore Temple. Once there, we immediately started off with football. The most obvious team division was Odd vs Even roll numbers, cause that's how our dear Dept. has managed to divide and rule over us. The game was great, obviously because we won! And here it was Sohini and the even Meghana, who reveled their immense determination to win, no matter what, with their awesome defending. Shame odd batch.. :P 

  After playing for about 45 minutes, and getting the "feel" of scorching sun, we headed to get the "feel" of water. With strict instructions from my home ministry, I was not to go into the water at all. But then I thought maybe I ll just go, dip my legs for some time and come back. But then I was forgetting with whom I was. Within 10 minutes, I was completely wet. Abraham P Vinod, K. V. Siddharth, K Sreeteja and Rohan Sriram, I ll have my day.. :P. But honestly guys, I really would have missed all that fun if you had not done that. 

  We got wet, we got dirty (with sand!), we got sun burnt, we had loads of fun.
We ensured we were safe by forming small chains and going into water. And here, I must mention Abraham, who lost his glasses, almost blind (-8), (I know how it feels without glasses, with half the power of yours) still managed to enjoy the whole trip, without any issues at all. Hats off Ab.

  After all this, we were obviously hungry, and headed to a restaurant. (I advise pure vegetarians to not read this paragraph.. :P) We were in a sea shore, we had to try out sea food. So we took the menu, saw what all we could eat, and ordered one curry each of fish (not sure but tasted like pamphlet), prawn, and squid. And of course there were the good old non veggie dishes, Biriyani and Chicken with paratha, in case the experiment with sea food turns bad. 

^ We the Non Vegetarians!!!! Aaaaannndddd of course the Pure Vegetarians and one day vegetarians_ (Sigh!!!)

  After lunch, a round of chocolates and two to three rounds of ice-cream, we headed to the Tiger Caves. Anticipating real tigers in proper caves, I was disappointed. It turned out to be just rocks, apparently with faces of tigers, to me they looked more like monkeys. But the scenic, cleaner beach here made up for the disappointment. After this, we headed to the Kovalam beach, the so called best kept secret, turned out to be really really crowded and you-know-what Indian beaches are known for. We played dodge ball here and we lost obviously because the time keeper was an odd person.. :P, but it was fun!! 

  Obviously every good things come to an end. At dusk we started off for Chennai. Determined to make the whole trip memorable, we did not leave even a single moment without enjoying. Even when everyone was tired, we still managed to dance and sing in the bus... :)

The trip was in all an awesome experience. The biggest revealation of the trip was probably Jobin's. Anyone seeing him for the first time, would know, he is a very very serious type of person, but that perception completely changed when he showed off the really cool and funky new look, danced and sung!!
I do not know what part of me I revealed, but it was great fun!! "Elec is definitely fun!!... :D"
In the end I would just add, a rephrased version of a famous quote, "Ultimately whoever does whatever to us, the bottom line is, we will........."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Food Theory!

And my obsession with food continues. In my last post "I am still a child!", I had proposed the "food equation". In this post, I intend to develop the complete "food theory!"
The "food theory" is a desperate attempt of a foodaholic to generalize the amount of food he can eat. It also has a various other applications, as described later in the section "applications".
Assuming the ideal case, i.e. appetite is infinite, i.e. there is no natural (inbuilt) resistance to eat the food, the amount of food one can eat will depend on its taste alone (assuming no effect of ambiance, i.e. you would eat the same amount of the same food served along a lakeside with view of the setting sun and the rising moon, as well as alongside a buffalo and a pig in the midst of their holy pool of shit!). So first we need to setup a scale for taste. And its pretty simple. Assume the base level to be that of home food. Taste (T) can vary from -infinity to +infinity, i.e. food at messes in IIT Madras, Chennai, India to food at heaven. By personal experience, followed by stringent data fitting, I have arrived at the following relationship:
where k is a constant of proportionality and c is a constant corresponding to the minimum amount of food you have to eat to survive.
To find out the values of k and c, all you have to do is first come and eat at First/Second floor of Himalaya, IIT Madras, Chennai, India, precise coordinates: 12.9870 Latitude, 440.2632 Longitude. This amount will be the value of c for you, cause T here is -infinity (Note: I also found a new definitiion for infinity ;)). Now forget all the harassment you had to go through at this place, and head for some home made food.
K=(Amount of food you had at home - c). Cause in the defined scale, k_home=0.

Now let's define appetite. Appetite would depend only on time from last meal. Again by practical data, this time do not ask how, its linear. Hence,
p is constant of proportionality and t is time. Now this term would represent resistance to food in the food equation. So lets define Antipetite (Resistance to eat food)=1/A.
Therefore the food equation becomes: f=k*exp(T)+c-1/A.
Note that this can go to negative. If it goes negative beyond a particular value, defined as the Vomit Threshold, you will vomit.

  • You can calculate/predict precisely the amount of food you will eat in your next meal.
  • The prediction may even help you decide your menu even before going to a restaurant, if you know T for it.
  • You can also predict the time, when you are going to vomit, and save yourself from some humiliation.
  • Or even better, you can time/synchronise your vomit to a particular event. Vomiting can work wonders to get you out of something, if executed properly.
  • Effects of ambiance has been ignored.
  • No explanation of what happens to the food after entering into the stomach, known as the "excreation process". I have no intentions of thinking about it. If intrested, please stay away from me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am still a child!

Oh I am so childish...I still want everything that a tiny tot would like.
I love pandas and parrots and dogs and rabbits.
    I still search for my rabbit, which went missing 7 yrs back.
I still get angry, when my wishes aren't fulfilled. 
I still don't understand, when I am feeling hungry, and when I am not!
    At any instant of time, the amount of food I can consume is proportional to the
    exponential of its taste, and absolutely independent of appetite, or probably my
    appetite is infinite. Basically my digestive system functions like a non linear two port
    network, more like an ideal op-amp in a negative feedback loop. The infinite gain is
    analogous to my appetite, and the parameter being fed back is the taste of the food
    input to my mouth.
I still haven't been able to please my mother with my handwriting. 
I still have a piggy-bank, and in two years at IIT, I have collected a little over 240 Rs.. \m/. 
I still have all my milk teeth preserved. Probably the reason why I haven't met my tooth fairy yet.
I still have all the pens in which I ever wrote, whatever condition they might be in.
I love preserving my memories.
I love going to zoos and theme parks and museums. 
I still get glued to aquariums wherever I see. 
I still crave for the seat with the "best view", in whichever mode of transport I travel in.
I love anything and everything sweet. 
I love anything and everything colourful. 
I still don't know/understand/get the feeling of hatred.
I still feel guilty swearing at someone. Hence swearing and the so called "bad words" have never been part of my vocabulary
I still watch POGO and Cartoon Network, and almost 100 GB in my hard disk is filled with animation movies. 
I generally eat like a baby dinosaur, and sleep like a hibernating polar bear, and hence "Who let the dogs out" is the worst song ever, cause it wakes me up every morning :X 
I love listening to stories from my grandmother. 
I love arbitrarily stapling stuff. 
I still find the sound of flushing water funny! 
I have a bag which says "I am what I am" and I am what I am, the same old shy little Ankit that I always was.