Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am still a child!

Oh I am so childish...I still want everything that a tiny tot would like.
I love pandas and parrots and dogs and rabbits.
    I still search for my rabbit, which went missing 7 yrs back.
I still get angry, when my wishes aren't fulfilled. 
I still don't understand, when I am feeling hungry, and when I am not!
    At any instant of time, the amount of food I can consume is proportional to the
    exponential of its taste, and absolutely independent of appetite, or probably my
    appetite is infinite. Basically my digestive system functions like a non linear two port
    network, more like an ideal op-amp in a negative feedback loop. The infinite gain is
    analogous to my appetite, and the parameter being fed back is the taste of the food
    input to my mouth.
I still haven't been able to please my mother with my handwriting. 
I still have a piggy-bank, and in two years at IIT, I have collected a little over 240 Rs.. \m/. 
I still have all my milk teeth preserved. Probably the reason why I haven't met my tooth fairy yet.
I still have all the pens in which I ever wrote, whatever condition they might be in.
I love preserving my memories.
I love going to zoos and theme parks and museums. 
I still get glued to aquariums wherever I see. 
I still crave for the seat with the "best view", in whichever mode of transport I travel in.
I love anything and everything sweet. 
I love anything and everything colourful. 
I still don't know/understand/get the feeling of hatred.
I still feel guilty swearing at someone. Hence swearing and the so called "bad words" have never been part of my vocabulary
I still watch POGO and Cartoon Network, and almost 100 GB in my hard disk is filled with animation movies. 
I generally eat like a baby dinosaur, and sleep like a hibernating polar bear, and hence "Who let the dogs out" is the worst song ever, cause it wakes me up every morning :X 
I love listening to stories from my grandmother. 
I love arbitrarily stapling stuff. 
I still find the sound of flushing water funny! 
I have a bag which says "I am what I am" and I am what I am, the same old shy little Ankit that I always was.


  1. Awesome post .. atleast someone is atleast keeping it going !! And the post would have really made me think that you were still a child at heart if you would not have brought the ELEC person out with the food part ;) . Nice post though ... keep them coming .

  2. Thanks a lot :)
    The elec part, well kya karein, aadat se majboor.....

  3. Basically my digestive system functions like a non linear two port network, more like an ideal op-amp in a negative feedback loop. gawd only..awesome post :)

  4. :D Thanks a lot.. :)
    I am actually planning to write a formal thesis on it.. :P :D

  5. ankit.. simply superb.. same as vamshi.. loved that opamp characteristics of the digestive system.. hats off to u man

  6. :D Thank You so much IDK! Will never lose it... :)