Sunday, March 13, 2011

3G., an experiment that went absolutely awry...

<This is what I wrote before realising what had happened to me>
 " 3G, the next big thing in India, is finally here. I was so excited, when I saw the full page ad. of Vodafone 3G in TOI, today, and obviously, as I love to try out new things, went ahead and activated it on my phone. And believe me, as the ad. says, its "faster, smarter and better", it actually is.... The biggest difference, you would straight away find is the speed of the Internet, loading gmail, which would take around 7-8 seconds on 2G, loaded within 3 seconds in 3G. Now that's a huge difference!!!

   Then I checked out all the other services available, and the only other services available as of now were Live TV and video calling. Looking forward to try out video calling, but tried out the Live TV, and whats more... it costs just Rs.7 a day, to view any channel you would like. Love it!!! Watched ESPN live (no buffering after the initial one), Cartoon Network !!(In case you are giggling at me, com'on, there is a child hidden in every person..), NDTV, Times Now, Discovery, Animal Planet, UTV Movies, to name a few. Now who would be more proud than me, after-all even I am going to be one of those "Communication Engineers"......(whats wrong in bragging a bit...:-D)"

Everything was great and I was loving it and showering praises on it, when I suddenly realised that I had been robbed off of nearly half a K!!! My balance was at a deficit of Rs 431 !!!.. Damn it!!! this one went absolutely, nearly 24 hours of absolutely no connectivity.... huh!!! Seemed like I had developed an uncanny knack of creating trouble for myself, out of nowhere...sigh!!! But what's the fun in life if everything goes as you wish...!!! What say??!!

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