Sunday, March 6, 2011

When I decided to make a pizza....

  probably sun rose from west, probably I had gone mad or probably I was so bored that it drove me to the levels of lunacy one day during my winter vacation of 14 days!! in the second year (Dec. 2010), that I decided to try my hand on a completely unexplored field, cooking!!! It took a lot of effort, and finally (yeah!!!) I convinced the "Master-chef" at home, my mom, to let me try out stuff. With a strict no-no for the use of the gas stove (taking due considerations of my past records), I was limited to the microwave only. I always try finding positives in every situation, and therefore was happy that at-least I was allowed to use that, moreover it was just the previous sem I had learnt how a microwave oven works, so was excited.

  Then began the search for the dish, and somehow, the first thing that struck was pizza. I had seen mother doing one of those, so thought wasn't going to be much of a hassle. Asked mother to arrange all the ingredients for me. Then it was the turn of the rookie, I arranged stuff on that gloomy base, the best I could, and it was ready to go into the oven. And then whatever happened in the oven is history !! Don't even dare asking me what happened, else there will be consequences....
I tried my level best to give it a face lift and:
  I thought, would better get back to things I was good at, but somehow managed to calm my self and give a second chance. And this time it was pop-corn!! I expected them to pop out white but they came out black!, not again!!!
  This was it, I almost decided to drop the word "cooking" out of my dictionary when a brilliant plan came to my mind. I was good at turning things into black ! in the oven, so why not make something that is supposed to be black !! So i made this:
a chocolate cake, and believe it or not, this time I was successful. It was so good that I finished off the whole thingy all by myself within a day. After-all I wasn't that bad, I proved it Yeah!! I did it... :D 

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