Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eat Eat Eat

Mothers, they don't need introduction, do they?? Everything about them is just perfect, except probably one aspect. Their mission(s) in life when it comes to their children, which generally are the following: first: eat; second: eat; and third: EAT!!!
  They see you after some days, even if its a week, the first thing that they observe (by default I guess) is how thin you have become. They would prabably say the same, even if you had doubled your size!! They seem to have a myth that the more someone eats (and the more precisely includes the vegetables and fruits you hate the most), the healthier they become. I do not know how one gets to this generalization?!! There has to be some other alternative... and I seriously hate the guy who delivers vegetables to our house... bloddy, is there anything left that cannot be home-delivered??
  And when you complain, either they get into their "emotional atyachaar " mode, at the end of which you just have to shut up and eat whatever they give or to the "extremely innovative" mode!! I do not know how they can be this innovative?? More dry fruits find their way into my Matar Paneer than matar and paneer put together. Apples find their way into my mango shake!! and the killer of it all, Karela find their way into Dalma (a typical oriya mixed veg curry, which never had karela!!). Imagine karela in your mixed veg curry perfectly camouflaged, and you find it out later, geez!!! And this is just the beginning, I do not know Dal aur kitna kala hai?? quite literally....