Saturday, May 28, 2011

The perfect imperfection

Sometimes in life, bad things happen, but sometimes in life, things start off badly, but end up good!! A similar thing happened with me few days back. The first day at my intern, I was given a pair of gum boots, and an overcoat. I was asked to wear them everyday. But as luck would have it, I had left my overcoat at home one day, and realized it just before reaching the place. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't dare to go tell a Japanese that I wanted to break one of his rules, I couldn't think of going back 72 km to get it from home, daring 9 o'clock Delhi traffic either. So going in was absolutely not possible that day. I was really disappointed on my act of carelessness and irresponsibility. Probably seeing me sad or I don't know what, Bittu bhaiya offered me to show me what he did all day long after leaving me at the place. He promised it would be really great. I didn't had anything better to do either. So I said fine.

He then took me to a place just behind the plant, a small peak of sorts, which had a small temple on it and it could be seen from quite a far away. And when we reached there, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was nothing like I could have ever imagined in a place like Delhi. It was a really beautiful place. A cute little temple shrining the epitome of love of that of Radha and Krishna. Peacocks dancing in their full glory, and peahens admiring them as was I. The cool breeze that could heal any kind of heat due to the summer, and the peace of mind that came absolutely free along with it, felt heavenly. The greenery all around felt like I was back in IIT-M. I had probably done something absolutely right, that I was getting all this instead of the artificial jungle in the plant with inanimate humanoids and an air filled with the smell of grease and sounds of engines revvying around, perfect ingredients to cook you a headache and hence drive you crazy. 

The place was great but with the place also came a realization. A realization as to where we are taking our home, our planet earth to. I found myself facing the ugly truth head on. I was amidst a perfect contrast that our world is facing currently. On one side there was the lovely backdrop of a green terrrain, the seamlessly flowing air, filled with the smell of sand just moistened due to the fresh showers, and incense emanating from the temple. The sounds of birds chirping and the jingling bell echoing around. Peacocks doing their mujra and I seriously do not have any more words to explain the setting. Here are some photographs if they could help me explain:

And on the other side there was the booming metropolis, the hustling bustling city life, and all its mallices. I was awefully gazing at the tens of thousands of newly assembled cars that would hit the Indian and European roads within the next 15 days. Then there was the concrete jungle, with no tinge of green seen anywhere around, fire guzzling chimneys and the dark smoke coming out of them adorning the blue sky.


Is this how we want our future to be? Is this what we want our future generations to inherit from us?? Food for thought!!
Here is a song (the NDTV GREENATHON anthem) a true anthem for the cause.

You can click here for all the photos I took that day. I don't know whether it was the "awesome mausum" or the quaint little place that I saw, I was just in the mood and went on clicking and clicking and clicking.....

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